My Vision in the making...

David Glymph is an accomplished saxophonist, songwriter, and producer. Whether he is playing contemporary or straight-ahead jazz, Glymph stands out from the rest. David is aptly nicknamed "Saxomani" because he has made his custom class vintage-finished P. Mauriat Alto Saxophone an extension of his body and soul. 

As a jazz musician, David Glymph's love for all genres of music shines through in his performances. Not only does he deliver an exciting musical journey that satisfies, David also interacts with his audience and shares his wealth of music knowledge during his entertaining trip filled with a myriad of emotional hills and curves. His passion for his craft and music is evident to all who experiences his shows. 

David Glymph has been an integral part of Mike Stone (Season 6 of America's Got Talent contestant) and The Kritikal Band, as well as the founding member of the band Sim-ple. David has played in concerts and various music events, including the Jacksonville Jazz Festival and the NC Jazz Festival with the amazing JMichael Peeples. David also was asked to open at Elizapalooza 2014, the fundraiser event that helped to raise more than one million dollars for a clinical trial to aid in Eliza's fight against San Filippo, a terrible and debilitating disease. More recently, David opened for and performed with International Soul/Jazz recording artist, Frank McComb and Grammy Award winning songwriter/singer, Gordon Chambers. 

David Glymph is quickly becoming one of the most requested musicians in the jazz world and is carving his path as a songwriter and producer. Stay tuned for his forthcoming EP, currently in production.